A word from CIFA Chairwoman Anuschka Cova

May 16, 2017

What made you decide to get CIFA involved with ‘Tur Mucha Mester Kome’?

“I really felt we have to help this cause because there is not only the immediate problem of widespread hunger and malnutrition but also the long-term threat it poses to our community on many other levels. If children go hungry they cannot concentrate on what they are reading in their textbooks or on what the teacher is explaining; but they can also not cheerfully play outside, or participate in any other leisure activity.

Hungry children will not be able to study well and thus will not get good grades in school. They will also be deeply unhappy, and the result might be aggression on their part, which could lead them to a life of crime. These children not being able to make good use of their education and subsequently not gaining suitable entry into the job market will eventually increase our unemployment rate and as a consequence our economy will be negatively affected.

If you multiply this by 2000+ children – according to our estimations this is the amount of school children currently affected by this problem – you will have a clear picture of the potential impact of this issue. So the immediate and the secondary effects of this problem are far reaching, which is why we must tackle it right now.”

Who can help out with this project?

“Well, this humanitarian effort is called “Tur Mucha Mester Kome – Nou Jij” for a reason. We want to include everyone in the process of getting food to these children and we want this to be a lasting relief.

For this reason, we give our full support to an independent charitable foundation which has been set up to ensure the continuity of this project and is projected to keep the activities of “Tur Mucha Mester Kome” ongoing for the coming three years.”

How do you plan on keeping this project innovative?

“We are very grateful for the overwhelmingly positive response from individuals and major companies. We plan on keeping them completely in the loop of the effect of their donations and voluntary efforts through regular updates.”

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