Our heroes are the organisations and individuals who help the children of Curaçao who are not receiving their daily nutrition by helping to provide them with meals three times a day, seven days a week. The more heroes lend a helping hand the quicker we can give 2.500 children in 107 schools throughout the island proper meals.

How do we achieve this?

  • Families can adopt a class or a school making use of the Bronze-, Silver-, Gold- or Platinum sponsorship.
  • Companies can adopt schools, which come in varying sizes in different districts. For example there are schools with 10 children, others with 20 children and some with 50 children. Between the districts of Suffisant, Buena Vista, Barber, Koraal Specht and Otrobanda we have 107 schools.
  • Individuals can also help within their means: with an individual donation you can help by adopting a child for a day (with a donation of 5/10/15/20 ANG or more you can adopt a child for a day or even a weekend). In this manner we want to promote “inclusion”, to stimulate everyone to do their part and feel like they’re part of the solution.


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